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    Armenia was the first country, which acknowledged Christianity as a national religion. The patron of these lands is Gregory the Illuminator (III / IV century AD). He is the Saint of both the Orthodox and the Catholic Church.


    Azerbaijan's capital Baku is partially known from the book "Przedwiośnie" by Stefan Żeromski. Currently, among the 9 million inhabitants of the country, 96 % are Muslims . Christians make up 4 %, including Catholics, which are only a few hundred people.


    In Belarus, there are more than 1,4 million Catholics. Every year hundreds of the young pilgrims go on a pilgrimage to the 7 Marian sanctuaries found in different parts of the country (the most famous one is the Mother of God Budsławska Sanctuary). Among today's most revered saints there are 11 blessed Sisters of the Holy Family of Nazareth in Nowogródek. This year, in May the first church in Belarus was consecrated in the honour of St. Pope John Paul II.


    In this country, the Catholics are a minority. About twenty priests are working there, most of them are Poles. The great service is being carried out by the nuns, who are working with children (Salesian Sisters) and with the sick (of St. Elizabeth) . Most of the churches have been destroyed during the Soviet occupation . They are slowly being rebuilt, but there is still a lack of funds.



    A country almost nine times bigger in land area than Poland and at the same time twice as small in terms of population. Catholics constitute only 2 % of the population on the territory of four huge dioceses. Priests working there have to travel tens of thousands of kilometers a month to visit the believers who want to fulfill the sacraments.


    In this mountainous country, Catholics represent less than 1 % of the population. In the country there are 13 missionaries , including 3 Polish missionaries. They visit approx. 30 communities scattered across the country, ranging in size from a few to a few dozen believers. There are no churches in the country, so Mass is celebrated in the houses.



    A country whose Christian heritage is more than 600 years old. It houses the famous sanctuary in Szydłów and the Gate of Dawn, that was built as a testament of faith during the decades of Communist persecution. As a result, the Lithuanian Church is still struggling with the process of reconstruction of the churches and religious formations.


    The Community Church in Moldova is very modest. There is only one diocese, which includes only a few churches and with a few dozen of priests, the vast majority is from outside of Moldova. After long centuries of occupation by other nations Moldova has just begun the rebuilding its national identity.


    For years, the country was a place of propagating atheistic attitudes among the people and an ever-present secularist system. This situation began to change in the 1990s. Later, Russia established a hierarchical structure of the Catholic Church and consecrated a cathedral in Moscow.


    The origins of the Church date back to the 1940s. However, because of the ongoing totalitarian regime the Church had to work in secrecy. It was only until the mid-70s , the first official parish was built. Today, the Church in Tajikistan consists of only a few hundred believers, and within a 150 thousand kilometer radius and there are only three parishes.


    In the region that is now known as Turkmenistan, the Christian faith and Church was deeply rooted at the turn of the II and III century. The situation changed when the lands began to be invaded by the Arabs. Turkmenistan would later be administered by Muslim rulers and the Islamic presence grew over the centuries. In the 19th century, there was a brief period when Catholicism flourished.


    The Catholic Church expanded in Ukraine thanks to the missionaries in the X century, among them St . Bruno and the Benedictines and St . Jack and the Dominicans. Over the centuries the Church grew rapidly. Unfortunately, once the Russian Empire annexed Ukraine, the government gradually reduced the activity of the Church to a dozen churches and a small number of priests.


    The Church in Uzbekistan has been operating for 24 years and includes approx. 600 believers, though the history of Catholicism in those territories dates back to the VIII century. Uzbekistan is a place where dozens of different nationalities live together.

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